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Panel radiators
with a smart, fixed central connection

Brugman´s Centric Collection combines a superior supply of heat with future-oriented technology and a stylish look. Thanks to its combination of simplicity, efficiency and aesthetics, further reinforced by the smart, fixed central connection, the panel radiators form a harmonious whole in every living and working space.

An added value for every installer

Customers count on you for the best possible heating solution at the best possible conditions. Centric radiators with their smart, fixed central connection offer the advantage that they can be installed even after the finishing of the new construction or renovation - a significant plus in an age where quality, speed and flexibility are of fundamental importance.

Maximum finishing

The valve pipe invisibly concealed within the radiator, together with the smart, fixed central connection, ensures a beautifully finished whole.

Maximum performances

Thanks to their fixed central connection, the radiators of the Centric Collection can be mounted after the pipes have been installed. So you can make the right radiator choice at the right time and concentrate 100% on the installation. Moreover, the radiators are ideal for low temperature systems and guarantee quick warming.

Maximum guarantees

Brugman’s Centric Collection offers the confidence of superior quality, right down to the finest details. The collection is tested and approved by the HLK Institute in Stuttgart (Germany), meets the strictest requirements of the new building regulations and bears the CE mark. All products are available with a Declaration of Performance (DoP). We’re so confident that we´re delighted to offer a 10-year guarantee.