4 reasons to choose Brugman radiators

4 reasons to choose Brugman radiators

If you are looking for new radiators, the huge range can be a bit overwhelming. Can't see the wood for the trees? Don’t be confused by all the choices. We will explain four great reasons to choose Brugman radiators. Let us tell you more!


Quality, professionalism and experience


All our radiators are made of top quality steel, with the very best, protective paint and coatings. Because we work with high quality materials, we can offer a 10-year guarantee on all the products from our range. Professionals also love to work with us. Across Europe, Brugman is a trusted and recognised brand. We are not new to the market; our first radiator was sold in 1965!


Durable heating


The high quality materials also ensure that our radiators are robust and long-lasting. You are therefore choosing a durable heating solution which will continue to work properly for many years. Our heaters are also specially designed to use as little energy as possible. They can run at a low temperature, so less energy is lost because the water in the circuit does not have to be continuously reheated. This saves a lot of money and is also good for the environment.


Something for everyone


Looking for a simple and efficient radiator, or prefer the nostalgic look of radiators from another era? Or maybe you are a fan of a subtle design, such as our Mini radiators that are barely visible in your interior? At Brugman, we have a broad range and you are sure to find something that takes your fancy. Our models are also available in a wide range of colours. And for the finishing touch, we have a few attractive, handy accessories, which allow you to design your radiator according to your own particular taste.


Short lead times


Our radiators are still manufactured in the original location in Tubbergen (the Netherlands). As a result of our local distribution network and broad suitability, we are the obvious choice for many installers. Thanks to our huge storage capacity, we are able to deliver straight from stock. This means short lead times. Handy for anyone who needs to heat their home quickly!


Brugman radiators near you


Would you like to see the future radiators ‘in the flesh’? Then find a Brugman distributor near you. They will be able to answer all your questions.