Buying a radiator: a step-by-step guide

Buying a radiator: a step-by-step guide

Are you looking for a new radiator but you can't see the wood for the trees? No problem; we can help you find your way through the Brugman range and we’ll tell you what to look out for at each stage of buying a new heating device.

Step 1: Don't forget that a radiator must also be practical

It is tempting to make your choice on the basis of a radiator's colour or design. However, it is best to consider the practical issues first. Where will the radiator be installed? Is there sufficient spacein this room or would you be better off choosing a narrow verticalmodel such as the Centric Verti Standard? The Minis are also great space-savers if they are positioned under a window.

When you need something for your bathroom, a towel radiator is a great idea. If you’d prefer an ordinary radiator, however, you can always add a towel rail. Then you’ll always have room to dry your towels.

Step 2: Choose the right output when buying a radiator

Calculate the output that you need to heat your room. Make sure you take the required ambient temperature and the volume of the room into account. Multiply the surface area of the room with the required wattage per square metre. You can then check which radiators fulfil these requirements.

Step 3: Go for a model that matches your interior

Finally, it’s time to consider the radiator’s appearance. Take account of your personal style and the environment in which the heater will be located. Unexpected style shifts and combinations can sometimes work really well. What about a sleek Piano Centric Verti in a classic, old town-house?

Looking for a new radiator? Why not have a look around aBrugman-sales pointnear you and see all of our models.