Brugman radiators in new-builds: quick and flawless construction

Brugman radiators in new-builds: quick and flawless construction

Are you getting ready to start a new-build project? Consider Brugman radiators for your heating. In our range, you will find a suitable model for every situation. And you can sleep soundly at night: we are 100% focused on BIM or Building Information Modelling, a technology that allows the architects, contractors and installers to work and cooperate more efficiently.


What is the BIM principle?

An efficient and flawless new-build project begins with the BIM principle. All the useful information is centralised online so that the parties concerned can easily consult the necessary documents and amend where necessary. The information is therefore always up to date, there is no overlap in the plans and the margin for error is reduced. This leads to lower costs. You also gain a better insight into the various construction phases, so that each stage can run efficiently. You can therefore build quicker, better and cheaper!


Brugman is BIM-ready

Whether you have a small or a large new-build project, we can always offer you the appropriate support. If you choose Brugman radiators, your architects will be able to find all BIM files on our website. The BIM data for our products is also handy for your contractor and installer. So you can be sure of optimum heating comfort.


Why choose Brugman radiators for your new-build? 

Sustainable building and living is gaining importance in our society and, at Brugman, you are in the right place to make an energy efficient heating choice. Low temperature heating is the best way to limit energy consumption and full electric heating is the most environmentally-friendly solution, on the condition that you use green energy too.


With a new-build project, you can go in any direction; the range of versatile Brugman radiators is sure to offer you what you need. They provide an upgrade to every environment due to their lovely design. As a result of local production, you can also be sure of the very best quality. Finally, our heating elements are easy to install. And that saves time!


It is clear: Brugman is the ideal partner for your new-build project. Find a nearby distributor.