How can you add a vintage radiator?

How can you add a vintage radiator?

A radiator with a vintage look doesn't have to look old. Nowadays, there are radiators with an ‘old school’ look which also offer a modern, high heat output. But how should you combine these eye-catchers with the rest of your interior? We checked it out for you.

An obvious combination

In older town houses, country villas and cosy farms, a vintage column radiator is the obvious choice. The Column has a very high heat output which enables large rooms with high ceilings to be heated quickly and efficiently. With its timeless design, it adds a touch of class to older homes. And you’ll never have to worry about how to integrate the radiator in your interior. It will always match the style of your home and complement the rest of the furniture. Added bonus: this classic combination will never go out of fashion.

Do you love a traditional look? Choose a transparent coating for a more emphasised vintage style.

An unexpected highlight

Make no mistake; a vintage radiator is also ideal in a modern home! And the original combination of old and new will make your home resemble the pages of a trendy interior design magazine. Play with contrasting styles and let your radiator really stand out. Paint a darker colour on your walls and then choose a white Column heater, for example. Or, keep the background a modest white and go for a jet-black heating element. 

Fits in anywhere

Doubting whether a vintage radiator will work with your interior? Don't worry. You’ll soon see that the Column will fit in just about anywhere. It is ideal for placing in front of windows and adds a stylish touch to any interior. This model is also available in various RAL colours so you can make it blend into your home.

Take a quick look at a Brugman distributor near you so you can see the Column in the flesh.