Sustainable, attractive and local: discover the ideal panel radiator

Sustainable, attractive and local: discover the ideal panel radiator

The right heat output is important when choosing a new radiator but it is not the only requirement, it also needs to look good. We are increasingly buying local, which means that sustainability is also an inherent part of our purchasing considerations now. Find out here how Brugman can help you find the ideal panel radiator .

1.    Upgrade for your interior

The perfect radiator has an attractive and unique design. Our products bring an update to your interiors, whether you like an industrial or classic style, an eye-catching or elegant impression, horizontal or vertical lines. Brugman pays a great deal of attention to design so that you can find a panel radiator that suits you. You can also choose from a wide range of colours. We're done with robust radiators that you prefer to hide behind your furniture.

2.    Locally produced

Buying locally is on the rise. Our radiators are produced in the Netherlands. That's how we can guarantee quick and reliable delivery. So, with a panel radiator from Brugman, you are also supporting the local economy.

3.    Easy installation

Do you want to replace your old radiators but are worried that it may involve a lot of work? Don't worry; our panel radiators are quick and easy to install. There are various connection options for a smooth installation. And we are always working on updating our technology. The innovative central connection with the Centric Collection, for example, guarantees the perfect finish.

4.    Sustainable at low temperature

The ideal panel radiator is suitable for low temperature heating. The efficiency savings are amazing and you can heat more evenly. All our radiators work really well at low temperatures. So choose our sustainable and ecological products with a sense of reassurance.

5.    Optimum heating comfort

Finally, the ideal radiator must, of course, also offer the desired heating comfort. At Brugman, we only use top quality materials that will last for years so that our radiators can offer the required heat output at any given moment.     

Brugman panel radiators; always the right solution

With the variety in our range, at Brugman we can offer a solution for every customer. Not sure which panel radiator is most suitable for your situation? Find a Brugman dealer near you for customised advice.