The Column: A modern alternative to the cast iron radiator

The Column: A modern alternative to the cast iron radiator

What could be lovelier than a vintage, cast iron radiator in a classic home such as an elegant town-house? Correct: nothing! Unfortunately, this type of radiator is very heavy, expensive and not very efficient. Luckily, Brugman can provide a modern alternative for lovers of traditional objects. Find out more about the made-to-measure Column, a steel column radiator.

A cast iron radiator is very heavy

A big disadvantage of cast iron radiators is their weight. These older heating elements weigh a lot more than their modern counterparts. As a result, they need serious anchoring in order to be installed securely. You also have to be sure that your walls can take the weight of the heating elements, and that’s not always the case in older houses.

Reduced efficiency

Cast iron radiators are also significantly less efficient than the new generation of radiators. Old radiators warm up very slowly and don't respond as quickly when you change the temperature settings. Cast iron models also only offer radiated heat whereas Brugman radiators produce convection heat too. As a result, the heat spreads out more effectively throughout the space.

A steel replacement

Still love the cast iron style? It’s understandable and that's why at Brugman we have created an alternative radiator with the same stylish appearance but much more efficient. The Column from the Classic collection is a tailor-made column radiator with a traditional design. The robust appearance with substantial columns offers the look-and-feel of a cast iron radiator but is significantly lighter. The Column, in contrast to cast iron models, is also suitable for low temperature heating.

A customised radiator

The Column radiator is produced in series, so you can choose the number of columns according to your requirements. The model is available in a maximum width of 60 columns and is suitable for any room.

Would you like to see the Column ‘in the flesh’? Find a Brugman-dealer near you.