Production And Quality Aspects

Quality specifications

Brugman is iso 9001: 2015 certified. The radiatorsare produced from cold-rolled high-strength steel of the finest quality. The radiators are suitable for hot water installations with a maximum temperature of 120°c.


The panel radiators are manufactured on fully automated production lines that are continuously monitored. Each radiator is individually pressure tested at the end of each production line, to ensure that it is leak-tight.

Painting process, in general

The finishing of the radiators is performed in a specially-designed and environmentally-friendly installation. The finishing consists of:


First the radiators are cleaned, degreased and phosphated. Then they are rinsed with demineralised water in order to obtain an optimal surface for the special cataphoresis primer coating.

Primer coating:

After the pre-treatment, the radiators are baked at a temperature of 200°c.

Finishing coat:

Then the radiators are given a finishing coat with an epoxy-polyester lacquer in a fully-automatic powder-coating installation and baked once again at 200°c. The result is a very strong and impact-resistant finishing coat, in the standard colour white ral 9016.


  • Optimal corrosion resistance.
    Uniform lacquer coat that gives very good cover on the sides, corners and edges.
    No drop formation on the undersides.
    High scratch and impact resistance.


A 10-year guarantee on manufacturing and material defects is given on all panel radiators, provided that they have been properly stored, installed by trained technicians and used undernormal circumstances.

Production And Quality Aspects